Original Blend Doug's Nuts New Packaging 2013

Did you feel that??? Did the earth move for you too? Some sort of ginormous event must have just taken place in Oregon. Seems like the epicenter is situated in Western Lane County! Quick, let’s run around like a bunch of chickens with our heads whacked off!

Now, now….. just relax a little bit and let the Boss Nut explain things.

What’s got everyone so riled up here at Happy Nibbles HQ is the arrival of the BRAND SPANKING NEW DOUG’S NUTS PACKAGING! SUPER YAY!! We’ve gone totally uptown with our new look and we think you’ll be amazed at the transformation. It’s a classy, slick-looking resealable pouch with sizzling new graphics and a clear oval window!

But don’t worry! Inside you will find the same crazy good nuts we’ve been selling you all along. We haven’t changed the amount in each bag, either….there’s still a whopping four ounces in each pouch.
Now when someone asks you “What’s shaking?” you’ll actually know the answer!