Coconut Beach Crunch

This blend contains the very essence of Spring Break. Doug has loaded up the picnic basket with salty almonds roasted in his secret beer-infused glaze, luscious sweet toasted coconut and plenty of dark chocolate and now we’re ready to hit the beach. Last one in is a sea slug!

Directions for use: Keep bag out of the hot sun (chocolate melts). Store it right next to your favorite cold beverage and pull it out when the need arises. Pour yourself a generous handful and pass along to the next person. Repeat until bag is empty. Go get more.

Doug has always been a beach bum at heart. Sunshine, saltwater and flipflops make him a truly happy soul. The idea for Doug’s Nuts came out of a trip to New Zealand where Doug found himself on a sandy beach in balmy February, a tropical breeze ruffling his rapidly thinning hair and a cold beer in hand. Aaaaahhhhhh. This is the good life. So how can you get some for yourself? Easy… just click here.