FAQ’s for Doug’s Nuts

Q: What makes Doug’s Nuts so special?
A: It’s the flavor. Doug has been a food scientist for 30 years and has great taste buds to boot. The nut blends are carefully balanced to deliver subtle enhancements to the naturally good taste of nuts.

Q: How would you describe the Original Blend?
A: It’s a mix of seven different nuts (and seeds) that are gently sweetened with organic sugarcane, blackberry honey, oatmeal stout, organic vanilla, maple and sea salt.

Q: How would you describe Coconut Beach Crunch?
A: It’s a beer-glazed almond, crisp toasted coconut and dark chocolate. And it’s gluten-free! To some, it eats like an Almond Joy or a fine English toffee.

Q: How would you describe Habanero Honey?
A: This is the spicy one. It’s six different nuts and seeds, very lightly sweetened and spiced up with a blend of habanero, chipotle and cinnamon. And it’s gluten-free!

Q: Are the nuts organic?
A: Nope. Sorry, but it would end up being an $8 bag. We do use organic sugarcane and source ingredients locally whenever possible.

Q: Gluten-free?
A: Yes for CBC and HH, no for Original. We use gluten-free beers in the first two blends and a Ninkasi Oatmeal Stout in the Original Blend. No other sources of gluten.

Q: Why do you use beer in the flavors?
A: Beer delivers a mysterious dark, fermented flavor that is very subtle, but you would miss it if it were not there. There is no residual alcohol after the baking process is complete.

Q: Dairy-free?
A: Yup.

Q: Soy-free?
A: Yes for Original and HH, no for CBC (soy lecithin in the chocolate chips)

Q: Why do you put sugar on them?
A: The flavors we use require a little bit of sugar in order to deliver the vanilla, maple and cinnamon notes. Without the sugar, the blends would be slightly bitter.

Q: Where are Doug’s Nuts made?
A: Eugene, OR

Q: Nutritional info or other questions?
A: Check the Nutrition Facts boxes on the back of each bag (just remember that, by regulation, one serving is defined as one ounce, so there are four servings in each bag). For further details, ask Doug (doug@dougsnuts.com).

Q: Where else can I find Doug’s Nuts?
A: There’s a Store Locator on the website hereL

Q: Can I buy these by the case? Wholesale inquiries?
A: Sure thing. Go to the website or get hold of us at sales@dougsnuts.com