Habanero Honey

First you need to gather the finest almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, Spanish peanuts and walnuts. Then get ready to give your tastebuds a workout. First thing you’ll notice is the spicy sweetness of blackberry honey laced with a hint of Indonesian cinnamon. Then the smoky chipotle takes the stage, but it’s all just a warmup for the habanero headliner. Let’s hear it for the endorphin’s!

Directions for use: Open bag with care. Pour nuts into hand and transfer to mouth. Chew, swallow, and embrace the glow. If necessary, quench flames with frosty cold beverage, then go back for another handful. Don’t rub your eyes.

Doug is a hot and spicy sort of guy. Rumor has it that he has personally picked more than one peck of pickled peppers in his day. The way he figures it, you’re probably not having any fun until you start to sweat. So dig in. Spread the love. Go get more.

How can you get your hands on these smoky hot and spicy sweet nuts? Easy. Just click here.