Original Blend

This blend contains the very best mixed nuts ever made (okay, okay…we know peanuts and pumpkin seeds aren’t exactly nuts), perfectly blended with the finest natural ingredients just for your delight. Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, Spanish peanuts and walnuts are gently sweetened with organic sugarcane, blackberry honey and oatmeal stout then finished with organic vanilla, maple and sea salt. Yummers!

Directions for use: Open bag with care. Pour nuts into hand and transfer to mouth. Chew, swallow, make happy noises. Repeat until bag is empty. Go get more.

The inspiration for making crazy good nuts hit Doug one glorious morning while body-surfing at Eliot’s Bay in New Zealand. The thought stuck in his saltwater soaked brain all the way home to Oregon where he promptly set out to make Doug’s Nuts a delicious reality. And how can you get your hands on these fabulous morsels? Easy…. just click here.